Did you know that July and August are now more popular wedding months than June? During all these ceremonies, wedding rings play a prominent role. An almost universal tradition dating back millennia, rings in general and wedding rings in particular have various meanings. Glimpsing the ring on one’s finger, one is prompted anew to live out the vows made years ago, to love and be faithful to one’s spouse in ways big and small.

Others are reminded of the precious gift given to them; when the one placing the ring said, “I give you this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness.” Wedding rings carry added meaning for those inviting Jesus to be the heart of their union. They signify not only the couple’s (hopefully) unending love for each other but also Christ’s (definitely) unending love for them individually and together. The Lord’s eternal grace encircles Christian marriage, even as wedding rings encircle the fingers of those who exchange them.